All Electric HUMMER EV?! - Everything you need to know!


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    There is now a 100% Electric Hummer EV. And it looks fantastic. GM is calling this a Super Truck for good reason. Reservations are HERE: The Hummer EV has over 1000 horse power and 11,500 pound ft of torque. PLUS a 0-60 time of 3 seconds. Numbers big enough to make any gas powered pickup truck weak in the knees. (Or at least weak in the half shafts.) Lets do a walk around and see what the new Hummer EV has to offer. Huge thanks for GM for letting me get an early look at the Hummer EV. This video is not sponsored.
    The Tesla CyberTruck:
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    1. Chuck Wu

      Its not a working truck not even a prototype, its purely for look, I highly doubt this truck will be ready by end of 2022. The promo video is all cgi.

    2. Official Hummer Jump Starter

      Nice video

    3. Mike Sgabellone

      great if you want to go 100 mph around town then recharge not much highway crusing. ill wait till it can go 1000 mikes on a charge

    4. kane's TV

      new subscribers from philippines. Keep it up🇵🇭👍👍👍

    5. Cesar Abraham

      This wont be selling in 2022...maybe 2025

    6. SteveRT

      Frunk?LOL...shackles? Tow hooks. Body Armor? Skid plates.

    7. Lok Tom

      Another wasted publicity product for GROSS MANAGEMENT. Mary Barra, exactly how many of these are you going to sell to collectors only before you goes under? Not mass market friendly.

    8. Yishak Abraham

      i dont think you know about difflock

    9. Tommy Mai

      They did this one properly. I’m sold gonna order mine next week

    10. Dec A Gram

      Hackers are there the second you need them too

    11. momorain

      2:30 Trucks are so useless. ONLY americans think they are usefull. Like honestly whatever you put in the back can get stolen any time and gets rained on etc. How is that usefull? Like there is nothing usefull about that^^ EDIT: 3:40 wtf haha. Just drive the corner? why would you need to go to "crab mode" where your rear tires to face the same way than the front ones?

    12. Bhanu Pratap Parija


    13. Dung Dinh

      💗💗. ❤❤❤. 💗💗💗 . 💖💖💖

    14. JayDee

      Oh shit this is what Mr.Clean been up to after he retired went from cleaning your house to cleaning the environment using a power of electric vehicles now 🤣😂

    15. Jack Frost

      Jerry: takes out scratch test kit. “Glass scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7” GMC : what is he doing?

    16. Delta source

      so let me know how this works out in a baja 500

    17. custom fitment

      lol not to long ago we were getting told to save energy. Do your laundry at night, cut back on A/C usage. The grid is getting overloaded. Now oh let's just sweep that under the rug and pretend we never said that and bring out energy sucking vehicles lol Hey babe going off roading going to hit the back roads. Shit ran out of juice not one plug and play to be found. Look at that the ball of energy in the sky. Guess I should have bought $80,000 solar panel package lol

    18. Adam Elakil

      Yo love him his videos are so enjoyable 👌

    19. مجتبى محسن

      ريدهة 😭

    20. Anthony Pope

      I work for general motors it's a great vehicle but the real question is if it takes 10 minutes to charge what happens if you have emergency extreme emergency and your vehicle is not charged? You're telling me you have to wait 10 minutes to leave your house to get to a extreme emergency? I just don't physically think it's going to work I think the only way this is going to work really work really well is if they figure out a way to charge that battery while you go down the road. If not you're always going to need two vehicles. One gas one electric

    21. Jamaal Strength

      I used to hate Hummer when I was a kid...

    22. Mobile Gamer

      You do know that GM doesn't even have a prototype vehicle


      “What company is it from” Hummer Again? Hummer Okay I’ll buy it early for the durability test

    24. Machine Avatar

      So clear explanation by You Sir👍. Great Understanding about a Great Legendary TRUCK❤️

    25. Tommy

      Let’s put on the road for 50k miles then talking

    26. Skyo Su

      no self-driving? fail!!! all the new EV coming out now has a self-driving feature.

    27. Faisal Ahmed

      It's fucking great

    28. 주식근성

      목소리 지리네

    29. Len James

      ok so when I'm in the dessert is there going to be plug in station built? is this for those liberal tree huggers to feel cool in. What a stupid concept of a vehicle. stop with this electric car dream. You still need oil or coal to run electric power plants. GM along with the rest of these electric car dreamers are wasting money.

    30. Luiz Eduardo

      O cara é careca

    31. Stacey Maximo

      Can the Hummer be flat towed behind a motor home?

    32. popdog75

      If its such a great EV why does it need a plug in cable to power the lights and interior? FAIL!!! That Dash looks rubbish! Until they can deliver a working prototype and test vehicles for the press im highly sceptical of what we're seeing! I think with Tesla and Rivian getting all the thunder lately that GM has rushed this thing through with cgi advertising and a non running prototype to try and keep their EV program relevant and in the public eye!

    33. Krew Plays

      I am a diesel guy. I love hummers to this makes me really excited. Also weird to hear the word “fronk” about a truck

    34. D ll


    35. Zachary Rossi

      we need a jeep wrangler or gladiator EV!!!!!

    36. Epic Videos

      When he said,,, whts better than having wind blow in your hair👀☠️☠️

    37. يوسف البحيري

      حلم أحصل علي واحده من أن كنت طفل هل تستطيعون أن تعطونا واحدة 😍😘😎 بليييييز

    38. junaid khan

      Pls teardown test😂😅

    39. awdrifter3

      Need a Detroit Diesel swap.

    40. Courtney Herron

      It legit looks like a spaceship

    41. Pavel Janetka

      Nice poops, , but not mention about cold winter battery performance ...battery need to be heated up

    42. 지지용식

      "Nothing is better then off-roading and having the wind run through your hair" Good one, Jerry, Good one

    43. Miron & Akshara

      Hi sir I thank you for all of this 🚙🚙🚙😆

    44. Regunathan PL

      Try PS5 joystick

    45. REVUR

      2:07 the irony 🤣

    46. Tyler Bauman


    47. Roger Nadeau

      Not a HUMMER it's a GM hummer ® model

    48. argh666

      2:30: you can see the plug and cable for lighting up the truck. GM is doing a Nikola and presents a pusher for a real vehicle! It is a scam!

    49. Jamie Coogan

      the frunk opening sounds like a washing machine

    50. Skatezen

      It's crazy how much of a surveillance society we've become to where your car tracks your eyes to make sure you pay attention on the road... How much freedom do we want to trade for safety and vice versa?

    51. colorado time

      Is it just me or is this the ugliest truck gmc has ever made I mean if anything I'm gonna get the new electric f-150 but even still I can't blow black smoke out my tailpipe but people think there saving the environment but every vehicle currently harms the environment in some way because if it's lithium batteries you have to take big heavy machines that run on diesel and drill deep into the earth for lithium. (Edit) you know what it's starting to grow on me after this video

    52. Ice Bear

      A hummer I'd be interested in buying? Never thought I'd see the day... now I just need a youtube career to afford the fucking thing...

    53. AFAndersen

      When EVs have a "monitor" on a stand in the middle of the dashboard, it's an instant turnoff for me. It's why I never considered getting an Tesla Model 3. It's lazy design.

      1. Ice Bear

        Yes. Exactly. All the design in detail of the moon landing shtick and they couldn't do anything more then put a giant ass piece of glass that partially obstructs the window. Probably can't even reach across it to touch anything it's so damn big.

    54. דניאל אלון

      Dear followers!! Don't let the beautiful pictures confuse you . Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎Share so more people don't get screwed.

    55. C S

      Great comeback by Hummer

    56. Omar Barrios

      Let me save some $ for 15 years then I'll get it.. I hope my ex wife doesn't take that too

    57. Seth D. Meyers

      Unconventional as it is, the cybertruck makes this look like a joke.

    58. Mason Pancoast

      And have the wind run through my hair... 👨‍🦲

    59. Jean Grullón

      What mic does Jerry use??

    60. Daniel

      One nice EV. Shut up and take my money.

    61. Richard

      Me: Oh my gosh this car is great, how much is it? Jerry: Over 100k Me: Aight, imma head out.

    62. Mohammed Ayyad

      The price ain't pretty, but everything else is beautiful

    63. DanShinjo

      Instead of 1 check engine light we going to have 7.

      1. DanShinjo

        @desolate surfer Not sure 100k + is cheap.

      2. desolate surfer

        You can have 35 check engine lights but the good thing is there is no engine. Just a few cheap electric motors that are sooo fast.

    64. HiC flask-light700

      Have the wind run through Your hair. Yes

    65. Adam Aburweis

      Durability test GMC Comments’what the#$&@ jerry doesent do this’

    66. Tyler Garrett

      Too bad half of what you see will be changed before it ever comes to market. These prototype reveals are worthless. Love you tho Zach. ✌🏻


      Licin banget palanya

    68. قناة MP

      فاشل تصميم الهمر الجديد 👎👎 هيكله الجديد فاشل الي صممه القديم هيبه .

    69. The Glamourous One

      Love to use one at the drag strip

    70. Shreyansh Swain

      Y'all do me a favour, Type, in KGup, " GMC Hummer fake " Watch one of those videos, reply back and then let's talk, or rather, type.....

    71. Su Saba

      You are so cool dude Thanks for the great review

    72. ÑÜBÃ ÑÜBÃ


    73. Pradyum

      Lets open up it and let get look inside

    74. Only for Cars

      H2 lover like here

    75. Jairo Baena


    76. marwan alhalaseh


    77. Lifestyle4Dividends

      200kwh battery for 350 miles of range... you can stop watching there 😂😂😂 this will feel like dinosaur tech at the time this thing comes to production at the speed TSLA is moving right now.. who's NEXTto come up with some crap to somehow try to catch up 🤫

    78. Angelo Benavidez

      His head is shinier than that car

    79. Xaxsu YN

      bucket list! good job done design and engineering , tough competition F150 lined up vehicles. my possible 2025 truck hopefully , InshaAllah

    80. Rusman Mamma

      Brp kira2 hargax kurs rupiah?

    81. PEDS


    82. Reha Erman

      When it breaks down, who has the know how to fix this truck? If it's the dealership ONLY, then forget it!!! The dealer will make sure you get the longest shaft in the shop if you see what I mean... Also, imagine; You are off-roading up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, maybe you run the truck a little harder and it runs out of juice out off a sudden, lot sooner than expected. GOOD LUCK COMING BACK LOL... It's not like you get pour some gas and there you go! YOU AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE!! That would be THE ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE!!! I'll stick to my Tacoma 4x4 TRD off-road which I can drive forever absolutely worry free!!! Tacoma was also the preferred truck of the US forces in the Middle East by the way...

    83. Ali Kaka

      Son of kane i guess

    84. Alok Ranjan Thakur

      Wow Jerry head is like very reflecting as he apply oil on its head as he is bald

    85. Serkan Aykut

      On the other hand, GM 572R Engine can produce 770 HP with Atmospheric Engine... Feel yourself free add on it Supercharger or Twin Turbo to get 1200-2800 HP...

    86. Serkan Aykut

      We Will Make America Great Again... 🇺🇸

    87. Kenaz Wilder

      Zach I love your videos and I’ve been watching for a long time but this video kinda seemed like bs

    88. Angie_iris auriana_lolirock33

      you look like a guy how do cars

    89. Robert Holmes

      Yeah at 115 grand the rest of us can never afford it, but Honda and Toyota is better quality than Generic Motors anyway so you can have this overpriced POS.

    90. Commander Shepard

      "Having a tiny penis has never been this eco-friendly"

    91. Cartney84 Ian

      And we gotta high bills electricity to pay

    92. Central New York Responses

      Hummer: Exists Zack: *Scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7*

    93. Gavin Kane

      Drive it

    94. Agent Smith

      9:54 that's downright a lie. That's like saying Toyota Yaris has 9 000 000 pound feet of torque, as long as you gear it right.

      1. desolate surfer

        Thing is this electric truck IS geared properly. E vehicles rock.

    95. H U

      Wind run through your hair look who's talking 🤣

    96. Devendra Saxena

      Today I find out that it's a billion dollar scam 😎

    97. Glen Edwards

      what a shame they didn't have a couple prototypes ready for Ewen and Long Way Up!

    98. Cezar Rizea

      Everything I need to know it’s that is ugly as sin and it’s a GM product. GM = Garbage.

    99. McDonald Trump

      Electric Trucks don't have to look ridiculous.